Klub komunikace v cizím jazyce pro žáky ZŠ – Aj

4. 10. 2020

English Club

We would like to introduce you our English Club. Last year, we started this as a club to practise English conversation. Unfortunately after 3 hours, the emergency state was declared and we had to cancel. We hope that this year the situation won’t happen again. 

Our main focus is virtual travel around the world. In selected countries we will learn about interesting touristic and nature destination, interesting people and traditions, as well as traditional cuisine.

Last week we “visited” Spain, which has beautiful landscape and traditions. We chose Paella as a typical Spanish food.

We tried two different recipes, which you can find in the attachment.

Both meals were successful and we enjoyed them very much.

Please do try them at home and let us know your thoughts.

Next stop on our journey will be Italy.

Our next stop was Italy. Once again we got to learn about different customs and interesting facts, but most importantly about their traditional food. We made 4 different recepies:

Spaghetti carbonara, Spaghetti alla Puttansca , Caprese salad wiyh balsamic glaze and  Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino. Fortunately we managed to cook everything and we enjoyed it very much.

In December we made our last stop in India. Like in our previous stops we got to know more about India’s history, interesting facts and cuisine, which is known for using a lot of different spices. As a traditional meal we decided to prepare Channa Masala, which is a vegetarian dish and second meal was a traditional Korma. Both meals had a strong flavour, but everyone enjoyed them very much.

After India we made a stop in China. We got to know China’s rich history as well as a lot of interesting places and traditions. We decided to make these 3 recipes: Chow mein, Five spice beef with broccoli, Beef and Oyster sauce. As always, we managed to make all 3 recipes and they were all delicious. 

After the Christmas break, due to the goverment regulation, we had to start with a distance learning again. Therefore we had to have our last 5 meeting online. We visited Mexico, USA and Great Britain. We got to know more about different cultures, places, traditions and typical meals for each destination. The pupils were exchaning interesting facts, which they found online. Afterwards we were choosing recepies. We found out what the ingredients needed are and we explained the process of making each meal. After this theoretic preparation the pupils were ready to start cooking at home. You can find some of their creations online on our website.

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